David N. Cohen, founder of Beyond Central, works to make software applications more distributed and more secure.

Recent Work / Current Projects

  • dumbdown
    Converts output of go doc into “README.md”, by adding a touch of markdown (in a not particularly smart way).

  • getvain
    An HTTP server who’s only purpose is to serve the <meta> tags that go get requires when you host your own golang module source code.

  • hancock
    Verifies integrity of source files, with a grand vision of end-to-end authentication.

  • lotter
    A companion tool of Ledger CLI, lotter add inventory and cost basis to trades, allowing ledger to better calculate gains.

  • qpm
    A simple password manager with features specific to Qubes OS.

  • rcl
    Command line interface to XRP Ledger (formerly Ripple Consensus Ledger).

  • algo
    Command line tools for Algorand.

A Favorite Quote

Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do.

Donald Knuth, in the forward of the book “A = B”.